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Cold Zinc Galvanising Paint Silver & Colours

Key Features

  • Available in 2 product types: ZG-90 Silver (Extremely fast drying) and ZG-90 Colours (Satin Finish)
  • 2-in-1 product: topcoat and primer
  • Effective protection against corrosion
  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility for long-term performance
  • Tested to ASTM B117 and DIN EN ISO 12944-1
  • RAL referenced colour matches available: Black, Red, Blue, Green, White, and Yellow

Product Size

Code Size
1785 500ml Spray - SILVER BRIGHT FINISH
1935 500ml Spray - Satin Finish BLACK RAL 9005
1936 500ml Spray - Satin Finish WHITE RAL 9010
1937 500ml Spray - Satin Finish GREEN RAL 6010
1938 500ml Spray - Satin Finish RED RAL 3000
1939 500ml Spray - Satin Finish BLUE RAL 5012
2045 500ml Spray - Satin Finish YELLOW RAL 1004
Technical Info

ZG-90 is chosen by professional maintenance engineers and tradespeople to paint any metal surface. ZG-90, is available in a range of finishes: whether the bestselling silver (cold zinc galvanise) which matches newly galvanised steel, or the 2-in-1 colour options; provide a superior combination of rapid drying time, great coverage & opacity, corrosion protection, adhesion and accurate colour matches
Fastener specialists: use to seal and protect bolted joints on erected steel sections and girders. Avoid the need to re-plate a bolt or stud, spray ZG-90 on exposed bolts and threaded bar to match existing zinc plating or galvanised coating.
General fabrication: Use ZG-90 Silver or colours on bare, degreased metal which gives an excellent even finish without the need for an undercoat or second top coat, a ‘one-step’ solution.
Welders and fabricators: Apply ZG-90 to welded seems when joining steel sheets or pipework together, fast drying reduces downtime or delay for production efficiency.
Facility Maintenance: repairing and maintaining fences, superb finish on galvanised sheets metal used on air conditioning units and ducting work and high overall coverage of up to 3m2 in one can.
Electrical and mechanical contractors: spray ZG-90 cut ends of Unistrut type channelling and cable to benefit from reduced future maintenance costs or damage caused by corrosion.
We recommend all surfaces are prepared prior to ZG-90 application. Rust or loose contamination should be removed as far as possible and then degreased with Action Can TF-90 for a clean, dry, residue free surface. Whilst ZG-90 works well with a single application, as with all paints, a second coat, 90 degrees to the first, will provide greater colour depth, longevity, and corrosion protection.

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