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Gas Leak Detector

Key Features

  • Detects minute gas leaks and leaks under pressure
  • Non flammable, non toxic and kind to skin
  • Conforms to VOSA gas leak detector meets British standards BS. EN 14291: 2004 requirement for use in MOT testing station.
  • Compressed air propellant

Product Size

Code Size
1930 500ml Aerosol
Technical Info

LD-90 is a professional industrial grade gas leak detector fluid which is completely non-flammable. LD-90 makes it possible to immediately locate any compressed gas or air leaks caused by corrosion, vibration, and mechanical faults. This will save dangerous, labour intensive and expensive gas leaks. LD-90 gas leak detector will detect mini leaks and leaks under low pressure. Ideal for checking the sealing on piping, taps, connections, and valves without discontinuing their operation. LD-90 is kind to skin and has no unpleasant odour; it is safe on clothes, metals, wood, glass, plastics and all gases. These gases include natural gas, air, propane, butane, oxygen, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, CO2 and refrigerant gases. LD-90 gas leak detector spray is used to locate the source of a gas leak and bubble size indicates gas leak rate. Large gas leaks set off bubbles, while minor gas leaks produce foaming. LD-90 does not form combustible mixtures with other gasses. LD-90 is used on compressed gas lines, pipe line both plastic and metal, fittings, valves, tanks, connections, refrigeration systems, plumbers, gas utilities, and canisters. LD-90 Gel version is ideal for tracing leaks on vertical surfaces where fluids will drip/run off before detecting leaks.

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