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Welders Anti Spatter

Key Features

  • Triple-use welders fluid: anti-spatter, wire feed lubricant, post-weld corrosion inhibitor
  • Does not contain silicone
  • Easy wipe-off removal
  • Non-flammable propellant

Product Size

Code Size
1843 400ml Aerosol
Technical Info

AS-90 Welder’s Multi Use Fluid, Anti-spatter/ Corrosion Protector/Welding Wire Lubricant. AS-90 has an advanced formulation which is propelled from the aerosol by non flammable Co2 gas. AS-90 Welder’s Multi Use Fluid is used in the welding process to prevent weld spatter sticking to the weld surface, protecting welded joints against corrosion and for the lubrication of old rusty welding wire, which then can be used. AS-90 has no Silicone content AS-90 assists the smooth flow of welding wire to the welding torch. A light spray of AS-90 over the work will prevent spatter sticking to the surface, a simple wipe with a cloth or rub with a wire brush will remove virtually all spatter.

AS-90 Anti Spatter spray is formulated to protect metal from corrosion during the welding process and in post welding storage. Use AS-90 to protect prepared welding components prior to further processing. AS-90 will dramatically reduce time spent scrapping, sanding, chipping spatter after weld. AS-90 will lubricate old corroded copper covered welding wire. AS-90 Anti-spatter spray will prevent corrosion on welded parts and metals in storage. AS-90 Anti Spatter spray is the only product with an all” in one” capability, pre weld spray, weld wire lubricant, and post weld corrosion protector. AS-90 Anti Spatter spray contains solvent.

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