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Dry Film Silicone Lubricant

Key Features

  • Dry film precision silicone lubricant
  • Lubricates and reduces friction
  • Effective temperature range -50°C to +200°C
  • Reduces friction and static
  • Prevents sticking, fusing and moisture ingress
  • Safe for use on all metals, most rubbers and most plastics
  • Also available as NSF H1 registered for use in the food and beverage sector

Product Size

Code Size
1887 500ml Aerosol
2001 500ml Aerosol Food Grade
Technical Info

SP-90 Silicone lubricant spray is a superior silicone dry lubricant formulated to provide extra performance and maximum silicone release. SP-90 provides a quick drying time and is clean and easy-to-use and provides protection against corrosion. SP-90 is an advanced silicone formulation that stops squeaks and decreases friction. SP-90 is non-staining and has low odour. SP-90 is ideal for use as a mould release or dry lubricant on any steel, plastic, glass, rubber, vinyl and wooden surfaces. SP-90 is long lasting and has a wide temperature range –50°C to +200°C. SP-90 is ideal for use on coin operated machines. SP-90 contains anti static which prevents the build up of dust or other particles. A non stick mould release agent with extra high silicone content makes SP-90 ideal for use in the plastic moulding trade. SP-90 makes joinery and wood working projects easy by applying a light coat onto machine tool beds or saw blades for easy cutting and a low drag. Spray hand saws for easy cutting of wet wood. Spray onto screw threads for easy power diving and to reduce ‘cam out’. SP-90 is ideal as a thread lubricant in the sewing industry, the leather and shoe trades.

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