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Permanent Line Marker

Key Features

  • A quick-drying, highly durable, line marking paint
  • Fits all popular application machines: easy to apply
  • Multi-use paint suitable for: civil engineering, construction, warehouse, car parks/pavements, and utilities
  • For use on concrete, stone, tarmac, grass, gravel, and even soil
  • Range of popular bright colours: Orange, Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow and Black

Product Size

Code Size
1745 White 750ml Aerosol
1744 Yellow 750ml Aerosol
1891 Red 750ml Aerosol
1892 Blue 750ml Aerosol
1893 Green 750ml Aerosol
1897 Orange 750ml Aerosol
1898 Black 750ml Aerosol
Technical Info

Line Marker paint is packed in a large 750ml aerosol. A dense paint with excellent coverage that is water resistant when dry. LM-90 is a very versatile road marking coating paint. LM-90 can be used on concrete, stone, tarmac, grass, gravel, soil, glass, pavement and metal. LM-90 line marking paint spray is long lasting bright colour with high quality pigment. LM-90 can be used in an inverted position applied by hand but also fits all popular line marking paint spray application machines such as transfer wheel and aerosol applicator. Ideal for marking identification lines, road marking, construction marking and pavement marking. Used in an inverted position for simple and quick application. When dry the product is suitable for survey work, road repair or the marking of car parks, car parking bays, railways, ports, factories, and schools. It is also used on stair-treads, roads, tennis hard courts factories, kerbs, warehouses and runways.

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