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Permanent Line Marker

Key Features

  • A quick-drying, highly durable, line marking paint
  • Fits all popular application machines: easy to apply
  • Multi-use paint suitable for: civil engineering, construction, warehouse, car parks/pavements, and utilities
  • A range of popular bright colours: Orange, Green, Blue, White, Red, Yellow and Black
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Product Size

Number Legacy Number Size
1031977 32824 750ml Aerosol Yellow [RAL 1018]
1031978 32825 750ml Aerosol White [RAL 9003]
1031979 32826 750ml Aerosol Red [RAL 3018]
1031980 32827 750ml Aerosol Blue [RAL 5015]
1031981 32828 750ml Aerosol Green [RAL 6018]
1031982 32829 750ml Aerosol Orange [RAL 2003]
1031983 32830 750ml Aerosol Black [RAL 9004]

LM-90 is a permanent, durable line and marking paint for indoor and outdoor surfaces. Quick drying time with a precise flat matt one-coat finish. A spray-on line marking paint that can be applied easily by hand, or using all popular application machines. Use on a multitude of sites including civil engineering, construction, warehouse, car parks/pavements, and utilities. Suitable for producing highly visible lines and markings with good adhesion to concrete, stone, tarmac, grass, gravel, and even soil. A range of popular colours: Yellow, White, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Black.

YELLOW Access aisles
WHITE Production Equipment
RED Defect/Scrat Areas
BLUE Work in Progress
GREEN Safety Related Areas
ORANGE Machinery parts areas
BLACK Finished Goods Areas

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