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Twin Spray Action Can
TwinSpray: Designed For Professionals - July 22nd, 2020

First launched in 2018, Action Can’s TwinSpray was released with the best-selling AC-90 Multi-Purpose Lubricant. Following its international success, and as part of our product development process, six additional products have been added to the TwinSpray range to provide a complete professional tool-kit: CT-90, DRY PTFE, RP-90, SL-90, SP-90 & TF-90.

TwinSpray: Designed For Professionals

TwinSpray’s iconic extra tough, red, professional grade actuator has a fixed-in-straw – making it impossible to lose. Designed with the professional user in mind; TwinSpray’s recessed button prevents accidental discharge during transport or use, reducing waste, and improving safety. Never ask a professional to use anything else!

Other features on the expanded TwinSpray range include:

  • Dual position straw, which allows precise application – precision jet (up) / broad spray (down)
  • Non-slip ridged button
  • Straw-stop to prevent over extension
  • Locked-on TwinSpray actuator, it won’t get knocked off

CT-90: Cutting & Tapping Fluid – 33324

  • CT-90 is a specially formulated lubricant, designed to work under the extreme pressures experienced during the cutting of hard steels.
  • For use when: cutting, tapping, reaming, drilling. Improves surface finish. Reduces friction & wear.

DRY PTFE: Lubricant & Release Agent – 33323

  • NSF H1 PTFE Lubricant and Release Agent is a multi-purpose, dry film PTFE lubricant which forms a clean, dry film with effective anti-stick properties, low environmental dust/dirt adherence and good resistance to water, oils and solvents.
  • Fast drying. Resists water, oils & solvents. Effective temperature range -100°C to +200°C.

RP-90: Rapid Penetrating Oil – 33320

  • RP-90 is a rapid acting penetrating and release fluid with added MoS2, for easier re-assembly. The thin film oil protects against corrosion and loosens surface rust.
  • Penetrates, releases, protects, rapid action, loosens surface rust, Eases re-assembly.

SL-90: Lubricating Oil + PTFE – 33321

  • SL-90 is a lubricating oil formulated to provide excellent temperature and pressure resistance. The addition of P.T.F.E. further reinforces the oil film and extends the lubrication period for metal to metal contact.
  • Lubricates & penetrates. Resists wear. Effective temperature range -35°C to +200°C. Resistant against acids, alkalis & salt water.

SP-90: Silicone Lubricant Spray – 33319

  • SP-90 Silicone Lubricant is a blend of high purity silicone oils for use where a clean, colourless, non-conductive lubricant is required to prevent slicking, fusing and moisture ingress. SP-90 can be used in numerous application areas throughout the electrical, plastic processing, plumbing, metal working and sewing/upholstery industries.
  • Non-conductive. Lubricates & reduces friction. Effective temperature range -50°C to +200°C. Prevents sticking, fusing & moisture ingress.

TF-90: Fast Drying Cleaning Solvent – 33322

  • TF-90 is a fast drying, solvent based cleaner which can be used to remove contaminants such as oils, greases and waxes from mechanical parts. TF-90 is ideal for degreasing metal surfaces in preparation for painting and for removing welders anti-spatter and cutting lubricants.
  • Zero residue. Removes oils, greases & waxes. Degreases metal surfaces ready for painting. Removes welders anti-spatter & cutting lubricants.


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