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“Have you heard? New AC-90 product: TwinSpray” - February 28th, 2018

Regular maintenance is essential to keep your workplace, equipment, structures and facilities in good repair. When engineers need to complete scheduled maintenance and servicing, the go-to multi-purpose lubricant, AC-90, gives a one-can solution for many everyday tasks they encounter.

New AC-90 product: TwinSpray

The popular AC-90 multi-purpose lubricant range now has a new addition: ‘AC- 90 TwinSpray’: a new delivery system that offers a choice of spray patterns and locked-in straw for professional, DIY and trade users.

The dual position straw allows precise application: simply lift-up for a precision jet spray when servicing those hard to reach equipment parts. Keep the straw down for applications that require a broad spray for protecting large metal surfaces during storage, preventing corrosion.

Advantages of AC-90 multi-purpose lubricants

Other features on the new AC-90 TwinSpray include:
• Recessed button to prevent accidental discharge and waste during transport and use.
• Locked-in straw: never have to take the extension straw out and risk losing it (or getting oil on the hands and can) – convenience and health & safety improvements!
• Extra 50ml per can compared to leading competitor

Whether the straw is up or down, AC-90 multi-purpose lubricant delivers great product performance: cleans, protects, de-waters, lubricates and penetrates.

As part of our on-going product testing and development, AC-90 was put through its paces in standardised laboratory tests; with the results proving the performance advantage that AC-90 provides, every time you pick up a can: ‘In the right hands, It’s a power tool™’!


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