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Moisture Protection Corrosion Inhibitor Fluid

Key Features

  • Protects all metal surfaces
  • Prevention of corrosion, rusting and oxidation
  • Pale green in colour to easily identify untreated areas
  • Displaces moisture
  • Easy to spray

Product Size

Code Size
1980 500ml Aerosol
Technical Info

MP-90 Moisture protection corrosion inhibitor fluid is specially formulated to give corrosion protection to metal components in storage. MP-90 moisture protection corrosion inhibitor fluid is a flexible vibration resistant lubricant film with anti-rust additives. Highly developed to provide temporary corrosion protection for steel components, metal and plastic moulds, bearings, gears, pressings. MP-90 can safeguard metal and metal components during manufacture, storage or transport. MP-90 corrosion protection spray is formulated with a pale green trace colour to recognize treated and untreated areas. MP-90 corrosion protection spray is very effective against corrosion caused by moisture, condensation and/or high humidity conditions. MP-90 does not draw in dirt or dust. Ensure compatibility with painted surfaces before general application. The film can be easily removed as required.

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