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CT-90 Poly Bottle

Cutting & Tapping Fluid Poly Bottle

Key Features

  • Drilling, sawing and thread cutting simplified
  • Safe on steels, designed for stainless steel and ceramics
  • Extends tool life
  • High rates of metal removal
  • High anti weld features
  • Extreme pressure rated lubricant
  • Silicone and CFCs Free
  • Reduces heat and improves surface finish
  • Poly bottle packs for flood lubrication

Product Size

Code Size
1483 500ml Poly bottle with spout
Technical Info

CT-90 is specially formulated cutting, tapping, reaming and drilling lubricant fluid which will not breakdown under extreme pressure.  A coating of CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid will allow swarf and cut chips of metal to be removed by the cutting tool with less friction.  CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid requires less effort when cutting is required for even the hardest metals.  CT-90 improves the surface finish and cutting times are reduced.

CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid has been formulated to be suitable for all types of steels and ceramics, even high tensile steels.  Due to the active nature of this product there is a risk of staining if the product is used on some yellow metals.

CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid will not mix with water.  CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid can be removed with all common industrial degreasers and solvent cleaners.   CT-90 can be removed by using Action Can product TF-90.

Apply CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid during the drilling operation.  CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid will increase drilling efficiency and prolong drill bit life.  Take with moving parts.

During thread cutting apply CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid to the die or tap.  CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid is suitable for both machine and hand operation.  Use CT-90 cutting and tapping fluid while threading pipe work to reduce the risk of thread wall deformation.

Apply CT-90 to hacksaw blade before and during the sawing operation. CT-90 is silicone free.

Available in a poly bottle with spout to flood apply for increased lubrication.

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