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Air Tool Lubricant

Key Features

  • Protects and lubricates all pneumatic tools, valves and lines
  • Extends tool life and promotes smoother starting
  • Anti-foaming and anti-gumming additives to maximise tool performance
  • Effective cleaning oil that penetrates and remove grime and contamination, improving tool performance
  • Formulated with rust inhibitors to protect tools from corrosion

Product Size

Code Size
1678 500ml Bottle with spout
Technical Info

AT-90 has been formulated from a blend of base oils to protect and lubricate all air-tools and pneumatic equipment, ensuring fault-free regular use. It contains anti-foaming and ‘gumming’ additives which ensure efficient, flawless operation every time.
AT-90 may also be used as a general cleaner for pneumatic tools; penetrating and releasing grime that can be wiped away, whilst leaving a protective oil on surfaces, and lubricating oil in moving parts – a true 3-in-1 product!

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