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Dash & Bumper Car Cleaner

Key Features

  • Restores plastic and rubber trim to looking new
  • Cleans and protects
  • Leaves a silky finish
  • Anti static properties
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Easy to use wipe and clean
  • Can be used on most plastics, PVC, rubber, wood, leather, interior trim, exterior bumpers, mud flaps, rubber strips, spoilers, side mirrors to mention a few

Product Size

Code Size
1558 500ml Aerosol
Technical Info

Amaze is dash cleaner which can be used on most plastics, PVC, Rubber, Wood, Leather, interior trim, exterior bumpers, Mud Flaps, rubber strips, spoilers, side mirrors, if in doubt try a small area first before general application. Amaze car cleaner restores Dash and Bumpers to that new look leaving a silky dry finish. Amaze is perfumed to leave your car with a pleasant lingering fragrance. Amaze cleans and protects automotive dash and bumpers. Amaze is a Silicone based cleaner. Amaze Dash and Bumper cleaner is anti static to help keep all surfaces dust free.
Amaze can be used on rubber seals to stop squeaks.

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